The world is changing so fast for the foodie. Is our food healthy? Why are levels of obesity increasing all over the world? Is the food industry acting responsibly towards children? What is in our food? Is it safe? What is happening in school meals? What should we cook?

One minute we are told to slow down, spend lots of time preparing food and sit for hours around the family table, the next minute we have no time to even think what to eat for the evening meal, never mind cook it.

Let’s explore current food issues and enjoy the health that good eating brings to our lives, talking together about important foodie issues to challenge our culinary thinking. It’s a crazy world that so many of us want to improve the quality of the food we eat and yet so many of us are overweight… one week we eat organically and next week we opt for fast food and plenty of it. We are looking for weapons of mass reduction in all shapes and forms… the diet book, video, slimming class and yet we love our cookery programmes, eating out, confectionary, snacking and coffee shops.

Recipe ideas, food and travel, cookery schools, media nutrition news, celebrity chefs, farmers markets… let’s highlight the latest ideas and relate it to daily living in and out of the kitchen.

Who is a friend in the kitchen? You are and it doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you feed a family or simply feed yourself, wherever you live in the world… the kitchen is where we share our food and lives. In time we want to start chatting and sharing so that we can make the kitchen a place of change.

Cook, talk, share and enjoy!

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